Your donations keep us teaching.

The Insight Project for Kids is a comprehensive resource for meditative learning. Our overall mission is to partner with schools in co-creating healthy learning environments for educators and students by incorporating Stress Management Solutions into their daily school curriculum.

Your donation proceeds go towards raising money in order to pay our Insightful teachers for their courses.

Your donations go to a good cause.

  • Every $50 provides paper for 1,250 students to create art & poetry for one semester.
  • Every $100 pays for art supplies for the kids to use in the courses.
  • Every $250 allows us to publish a book compiled of the students drawings from the exercises.
  • Every $500 pays for two Insight teachers and two social workers to teach 240 students for the day.
  • Every $1000 funds ten visits from a Brain Gym specialist which will help 75 students and their parents with special needs.
  • Every $2,500 will cover the cost of certification for 12 Insightful teachers.
  • Every $5,000 underwrites an honorarium from two guest speakers around the world.
  • Every $10,000 funds a six-week in classroom training for ten teachers
  • Every $15,000 will teach 1,000 students Stress Management Solutions for an entire semester.

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Special Thanks to Our Donors

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  • Karen Viater
  • Oxana Ormonova
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