The Insight Project for Kids is a comprehensive resource for meditative learning. We offer customized training for teachers and educators who are interested in transforming their learning environments by incorporating Stress Management Solutions (SMS) into their daily school curriculum.



CEO / Insightful Meditation Instructor

Darra has been teaching meditative learning skills to students and teachers in Chicago Public schools since 2005 and a New York Public school since 2011. She is a certified meditation instructor for children and adults, and has developed a creative visualization technique called Imagination Meditation, which is incorporated into book writing, illustration, personal growth, brain development, and leadership skills, for students of all ages. Darra attended the University of Illinois Champaign, Urbana at age 17 on a classical ballet scholarship and later continued her studies in Chicago, majoring in international relations, geography, Middle Eastern political/historical studies and dance choreography.
Janet Green

Janet Green

Board Member / Insightful Meditation & Insightful Yoga Instructor

Janet Green has been working with students for over 25 years. Most recently she has taught creative visualization techniques to the students of Corliss High School (through Cease Fire) and the A.N. Pritzker Schools. Her expertise with tutoring students helps them to have total recall of reading material, which gives them great confidence and a sense of accomplishment.
Janet’s Insightful yoga, art and meditation classes allow students to access their own ability to heal themselves. She has a BFA from Wesleyan University.


“Students are able to monitor their own behavior and check their emotional state and make adjustments as needed.”

-3rd Grade CPS Counselor


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“Students have mentioned that they use techniques when feeling upset both at home and in school.”

-6th grade teacher


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